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PLC Simulator Online Release V1.0

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    Szymon Palczynski

Finally! After over a year of our small team's effort, I can proudly announce the release of PLC Simulator Online v1.0.

Save diagrams in the database

You can now use the share button to save your diagram to the database.

After saving the code you obtain a link that you can share with your friends, teachers or keep for yourself in browser bookmarks.

To start storing ladder logic, you need to sign up with an email and password. To read the preserved diagram you don't have to be signed in. Just click on the link!

Here you can find a few examples:

Video tutorial

You can also watch instruction video on our YouTube channel.

Minor features

I have added a couple of features requested by users:

  • Delete elements, rungs and variables with delete key
  • Double click on an element to open properties
  • Click on a contact in simulation mode to change variable state

Help us grow the community

Do you want to share your feedback on the simulator? Please join our Discord server and help us grow a community of people who want to teach or learn PLC coding. We can help each other be better programmers.

WordPress to Gatsby migration

As you may notice website got refreshed. I decided to drop the business look in favour of a more informal feel.

Code is now written in JavaScript using Gatsby and React.js, likewise the Plc Simulator. Now it runs way faster than the WordPress version and gives me more flexibility for future updates.

What's next for PLC Simulator?

Thanks to the simulator's sharing functionality, I can call it a useful application. Nevertheless, there is a lot of improvements to be made. You check the roadmap to see our plans.