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Support on Patreon

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    Szymon Palczynski

Hello PLC Enthusiasts!

I am thrilled to announce our new Patreon page for Your support will play a crucial role in the continuous development and enhancement of our platform. Here's how you can help and what to expect:

Where is Today?


Despite the development of being stagnant in the past months due to other commitments, the user base has grown over 60% year over year and now stands at 15k users with 50k views monthly. Average engagement time has increased by 57% and is currently over 19 minutes! I have received numerous messages from users expressing their appreciation for the platform and its usefulness in learning PLC programming. This positive feedback motivates me to continue improving and expanding to meet the needs of our community.

Why Patreon?

My goal is to keep free for everyone, and Patreon provides us with the perfect opportunity to gather resources for ongoing development. Your contributions will directly fund the following initiatives:

  • New Features: I am committed to developing new features based on your feedback and requests. Your input will shape the future of the platform, ensuring it meets your needs and expectations.
  • Community Building: I aim to foster a collaborative and knowledgeable community of PLC programmers. Your contributions will support initiatives that encourage learning and interaction among users.

The Importance of Your Support

By becoming a patron, you are not only helping with the financial aspect of maintaining, but you are also allowing me to allocate more dedicated time to the development of the app. This means more frequent updates, faster implementation of new features, and a higher overall quality of the platform. Your support directly translates into more hands-on development time, ensuring that remains a cutting-edge tool for PLC programming.

Get Involved!

We value your input and want to hear from you! Here's how you can get involved:

  • Feedback and Suggestions: Let us know what features or resources you'd like to see on Your ideas are crucial in helping us improve and expand the platform.
  • Participate in Polls: Engage with us through polls where you can vote on upcoming features and projects. Your voice matters in our decision-making process.

Join Us on Patreon

Becoming a patron means you are directly contributing to the future of PLC programming education. Join us on this exciting journey to make PLC programming more accessible and effective for everyone. Check out our Patreon page for more details and to become a supporter.

Thank you for being a part of the community. Together, we can achieve great things!